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What will I do if I call and then get raised?

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ICE36 casino review

Phil Hellmuth Skeptical About D.C. Online Poker

Later this year, the District of Columbia will become the first jurisdiction in the United States to regulate online poker. Late last year, the District Council passed a law to regulate the industry within the borders of the district. When the deadline for Congress to object passed, it became official. In a recent ICE36 casino review interview with the Washington Post, however, professional poker player Phil Hellmuth said he is skeptical that intrastate (or in this case, intra-district) online poker can work.

In the interview, Hellmuth says that as soon as the online poker room - obligatory poker bet, which will be run by Intralot USA, opens up, there should be an initial player surge. In particular, players who used to play poker on websites that are no longer available to American customers will join. Likewise, people that are worried about playing poker online might feel safer doing with on a government site. However, Hellmuth belives that the site won’t attract enough business to keep players happy.

According to Hellmuth, a district of 600,000 people is not large enough to create critical mass on the poker room. Critical mass is the amount of momentum a website gains through members so that it becomes self-sustaining. In other words, once enough people start visiting the site, it becomes more popular simply because it is popular. For a poker rooms, people go there because the tables are full and the best players are there. With a small population, Helluth doubts that can happen with Washington, D.C.’s online poker room. Intrastate poker rooms would have better chances of achieving critical mass, but Hellmuth thinks only a national poker room could succeed.


Royal flush
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